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Chaotic vibes only

The last few weeks have deffo had that feel... chaotic. I was working on the finishing touches to the website when I caught covid. I had an entirely different week planned which got paused quite firmly by the 'rona, but it did give me the quality sofa time I needed to finish things up, so that's something I suppose

I still have quite a bit to do in terms of adding more of the older kits, creating PNG files and general house-keeping, but my gut feeling is that I like it here. I'm proud of what I've created and I am really hopeful that it can turn this into the perfect spot for all of my scrappy things

Speaking of all the scrappy things, amidst the madness of April, I created this kit. It's called Chaotic Vibes Only and it's very me

When I first started scrapbooking I seemed to enter into the community at the 'good vibes only' moment. A lot of people talk about the 'brown period' or the 'rounded edges period' but that was before my time. When I arrived on the scene if it wasn't positive, it wasn't allowed, haha

I had to hunt around for negativity, haha. I found it in the Pinkfresh Case of the Blahs kit and promptly ran around the internet grabbing whatever was left. I like to document all stories, the good, the bad and the ugly, so it makes sense to have options for all. Although it's been quite a few years since the Blahs, I can count on one hand the amount of kits that have arrived on the scene with a sarcastic negative feel... and two of them have been mine, haha

I know that not everyone wants or likes to document the bad stuff, so I get that this kit may not be super popular. I would say that if it isn't for you, the good news is there are soooo many positive kits out there, you won't have to search hard. Likewise, if you are feeling those negative vibes... I got you and I'll wait patiently while you swoon over the sarcastic die cuts

The full kit is available here and has a real mix of caffeinated and snarky stuff. Also, because I know not everyone is super into editing and Photoshop, I've made sure to create a few different versions of the die cuts along with some blank versions. That way you can simply print them out and either journal straight on top or use alphabet stamps to create your own words -nice and easy

So there we go, I hope you like it and if you have questions, pop 'em below

Nelly xo

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