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December templates and tutorials

Updated: Oct 31, 2022


As Spooky season draws to a close, I finally get to put on my pom-poms and start embracing the Festive period - woo woo!

Anyone that follows me on Instagram is probably aware that I've already started putting together foundation pages in my December album and you can watch a video of what I have so far here if you're interested

Along with prepping my album, I've been diligently creating page templates and tutorial videos which are available here in the store and the videos are up on my YouTube channel along with a Playlist of Christmas related videos to get you in the zone

I've created a video of how to use the TV templates and there are a bunch of ideas for you to use in your December projects. There are pre-made 6x8 pages as well as die cuts for you to turn into shaker pockets like the one above. You can check out the video here:

I've not stopped there. I've also created a super fun template with phones too so you can use that to document what you're listening to in December as well. I'm really excited about these projects and I hope that you'll find the videos helpful when you're also coming up with ideas for your Christmas scrapbooking. The video for the phone template is here:

I'm planning on creating two more videos - one with a swish new version of my VHS from a few years ago that I created a template video for and another one that will either be a boombox or a cassette... I haven't fully decided yet!

Anyhoo, I really hope you'll check out the videos and if you feel like those templates will help you prep for December, you can pick them up in the store

Nelly xo

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