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Friday freebie

While I was faffing around with the Spring/Easter kit I kept adding in and removing a little pink rabbit. I'd already created some cute bunny slipper die cuts, which were modelled on some slippers I had when I was a kid, so I was worried about it being a bit too OTT bunny pink with a rabbit included too

The annoying thing is, the second I uploaded the kit to the shop and sent it to my DT, I was like... oh man, I should have added in the rabbit. I do this sometimes. I'll create an image for a kit and then not include it. Sometimes it'll end up appearing in another kit further down the line. Other times, it sits in a limbo zone on my laptop, like a Raggy Doll, not quite fitting in and just waiting for it's chance to be picked

I kept looking at this little rabbit in it's limbo zone and thinking... it does need to go out into the world, it can't wait until next Easter, so I decided to do a thing. We'll call it a Friday freebie. It won't happen every Friday, you know what I'm like with organisation and commitment, but I will deffo do a Friday freebie at least once a month

It might be a die cut, or it might be a patterned paper or a journal card... who knows. But I will try to add a few bits here and there so you can amass a little collection of cute stuff that doesn't feel at home in a specific kit, but that still deserves some love.

You can find a PNG file of this little cutie below to download. I added two images above so you could see it in different sizes - it's adorable whether big or small I think you'll agree

Easter Bunny
Download ZIP • 74KB

So there we go. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to tag me on here or Instagram to let me know what you do with your pink rabbits, I'd love to see

Nelly xo

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