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My book list mini album

What has happened to the weather? It feels like I left the country for a week and I've arrived back to full-on Autumn rain and sadness... it's bleak, man

I suppose one positive side to the weather taking a nose-dive is that I get to spend less time outside frolicking in the sunshine and more time inside catching up on my reading and crafting

It's no coincidence that I felt compelled to create a new book-related scrapbook kit at the same time as I started enjoying reading again. It's been waaay too long since I got all book nerdy and I'm thrilled to have a few reads under my belt as well as a swish new kit to document them

So, that's what I've been doing - reading and scrapping away with my new Book Smart printable kit. I decided to use the kit to make one of my all time favourite things... a mini album. I loooove mini albums. There's something about the size, it feels easy, fun and not intimidating to fill. I also really enjoy the process of punching the holes and feeding the pages onto a book ring too

I decided to utilise a bunch of the journal cards from the kit for this album. I chose the more interactive cards and went about digitally added on my journaling and book covers. It was a lot of fun searching the web for the covers to list the books that gave me all the feels

I've also just had a total blast creating pockets and adding my favourite things like little layers of stitched vellum and popping in die cuts and paperclips... ahhh... it's total bliss

I know I'm not alone in enjoying the simple pleasure of creating a mini album or documenting my reading lists. I'd love to know how you pop down your books. Do you have a notebook, or a book journal. Do you take a photo and add it into your project life? Spill the tea in the comments section below

Also, if you want to check out the two book/reading kits I've created, I'll add the links here to Bookish and Book Smart for you to check out in the store

Happy reading fellow book nerds :-)

Nelly xo

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